Penang Hill, George Town, Malaysia

November 2014

The 52 Best Photographs From Around The World In 2014

As taken from Huffington Post  

Blue Mansion, George Town

Fatt Tze. Blue. Blue. Blue. Blue Mansion, George Town

Chinese temple, Melaka

Chinese temple, Melaka

5.30am, Melaka

Conclusion: Melaka I’d come back here again, definitely. A mix of east and west, melting into one. It’s small and charming, awesome street food, cool people, lotsa place to wander around and see.… Continue reading

Jonker Street Night Market, Melaka

Make sure you’ll be at Jonker Street, Melaka during weekend. Fri to Sun nights they have night market where you can find almost everything. Sample street food, get another bracelet, watch a salesman pitching… Continue reading

Melaka River

Melaka River Take a cruise either day or night, each time of the day gives different moods and experiences (15 RM @ adult). Daylight you would enjoy mural works on walls of guest… Continue reading

The Basic, Melaka

Highly recommend Jalan Jalan Hostel, clean and charming place. Eastern Heritage Guest House, wish I could be there 20 years ago when the place was ‘THE’ place. It’s a beautiful building. Jalan Jalan… Continue reading

Melaka, parts by parts

Beautiful tiles, colorful walls, roof details, streets of Melaka. Reminds me of Macau 🙂  

St. Paul Hill and Around, Melaka