Dutch Cemetery, Melaka

One of my favorite place to explore in a new place is cemetery. A totally different atmosphere and mood. This one is just next to St. Paul’s Church.

Trickshaws of Melaka

Bling-bling, Hello Kitty, full on soundtracks, and blinding ‘lightshow’ .. what else do you need?   

Melaka, Clock Tower and Around



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Pamukkale and Hierapolis, Turkey

What a beauty this one was, it blew me away. Though am sure back in the days it was more gorgeous, still, .. do not miss this one when going to Turkey!  

Hagia Sophia, Turkey

Sultanahmet. So let’s continue! April 2013

Blue Mosque, Turkey

Sultanahmet. Started off with a breakfast and off we went! April 2013

Izmir, Turkey

Clock tower and Izmir’s seaside. Dark and moody sky, cold for me. -April 2013

Ephesus, Turkey

Great structures, breathtaking natures, windy and cloudy day Walking around and trying to imagine what it was like back then. April 2013