Swimming Day

Every now and then, we went for a swim on a hot day after classes. SD 5 as usual were loud, crazy, adorable, silly and lovely. Em was there 🙂 (June 2013 ??)… Continue reading

IHF Bali Free Medical Check Up

September 4th, 2013. Free med-check for the kids from Penta Medika. How are you doing Charlot? 🙂   

I wear my sun glasses at night

… just because I’m so cool

Perasi’s White Sand beach

  Is the reason why I’m going to a beach. Long stretch of soft sands, calm waves, clear-turquoise-blue-water, lesser people, good restaurants to choose from, not many street vendors. Just the sound of the… Continue reading

New Queen + 1

Every now and then, we enjoyed ourselves at New Queen in Candidasa. Live music, nice crowd and great service! One of the girl fell for a boy in the band, ah .. young… Continue reading

Balangan, Bali

Balangan beach. Less people at the time, perhaps it was February 2014? Wide grass area, wondering if it was meant for a fancy-ass property’s area? Restaurants on the left side of the beach,… Continue reading

On the way to Sanur

Stopping by at black sand beaches of Karangasem. People were fishing and the sun was shining, breezy Sunday afternoon. (February 2014)

Buitan, Karangasem, Bali

Buitan and its charm. Life for 365 days with awesome people and children.